Trump again targets WHO and put serious allegations
Trump again targets WHO and put serious allegations

Washington: For the past several days, the havoc of the Coronavirus which has been increasing throughout the world, is not taking the name of its end. Every day there are thousands of deaths worldwide due to this virus, there has been increasing conflict between President Trump and the World Health Organization (WHO) for the last several days. Trump is under constant attack on the WHO and its working style is constantly being questioned. He has also stopped the funds received by the WHO by calling it China-leaning institution. He has also alleged that WHO gave them wrong information while it knew a lot about Corona. Now after stopping the fund, Trump has again raised three questions accusing the WHO.

Many questions arose on China's figures, then Trump said shocking thing

According to the information received, Trump alleged to a journalist that in December, the WHO had received information from Taiwan that the corona could spread among humans, but the WHO not only gave the world false but also misleading information. Repeating media reporter's questions, Trump has tweeted that the WHO ignored emails from Taiwanese health officials in December. He has asked in the tweet why it was done. He questioned in the tweet that in January and February, WHO made such claims which were either false or misleading, while the virus was spreading worldwide. Despite this information, WHO waited so long to take a decisive decision.

The United Nations expressed the possibility of the death of thousands of children

It is also being said that America has been questioning China and the WHO since the beginning, how did it fail to deal with this epidemic. Trump has also accused the WHO of favoring China. He said that the WHO made it a whirlwind and also gave wrong advice to America. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said that China did not want the world to know about this virus and WHO supported China in it.

China is on target of this country due to corona epidemic

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