Know guidelines of Unlock-1 and action while violating rules
Know guidelines of Unlock-1 and action while violating rules

Lockdown has been going on for some time in a country struggling with the epidemic Corona crisis. The lockdown was last extended until 31 May. However, now the Central Government has given it the name of Unlock-1, which will be valid till June 30. Guidelines for this have been issued by the Central Government. There are many things in this which are extremely useful, which should be kept in mind by all. It has been clearly stated in the guidelines that you can be punished for violating the lockdown.

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Work from home

As far as possible, ensure work from home.

Testing and hygiene

Ensure availability of thermal scanning, handwash and sanitizer in entry and exit gates as well as common areas.

Continuous sanitize

Keep sanitizing the entire workplace. Sanitize door handles etc. coming directly from human contact.

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Physical distance

Follow physical distance at work. Between two shifts and during the lunch break, there was physical distance between the staff.

Follow work hours

Offices, workplaces, shops, markets and industrial and commercial institutions follow the prescribed working hours.

It is very important for every person to follow the lockdown. If you do not deliberately follow the lockdown then action can be taken against you according to the Disaster Management Act, 2005. Section 51 to 60 of the Act has been told that action can be taken against you if you violate the lockdown or violate the provisions of the Act.

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