Here in this temple 'God' enjoys noodles and chops

You may have seen God enjoying laddoos and sweets as prasad in temples many times, but today we are going to tell you about a temple where noodles and chops are used as prasad. You may not be sure to hear, but it is true. In fact, this temple belongs to Maa Kali and this unique prasad is offered in this temple. Tell you that this temple, which offers noodles-chops to Goddess Maa in prasad, is located in the Tangra area of Kolkata. Well, this area is known as China Town and the temple is in this street.

There is a Tibetan style and this historic street of the same style reflects the beautiful culture of old Kolkata and East Asia together. The funniest part is that in this temple, the Goddess Mother is not only offered Chinese dishes in prasad, but the incense sticks lit here are also Chinese. In addition to the temple offerings, the fragrance here also feels different from the rest of the temples. However, a Bengali priest performs the rituals in this temple and burns hand-made papers on special occasions to keep evil spirits away. The temple is said to have been built 20 years ago with donations from both Chinese and Bengalis.

It is said that before the construction of this temple, the goddess Mother was worshipped only by Hindus under a tree for the last 60 years at this place. People here say a Chinese boy fell seriously ill several years ago. He was treated for 10 years but was not getting satisfied. Then one day his parents laid him under the same tree and prayed to the goddess mother. The boy recovered miraculously that day and since then the temple has become a center of attraction for the Hindu community as well as the Chinese community. These are the Chinese who enjoy noodles and chops here.

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