Find out who and why Krishna's name was Kanha

Aug 23 2019 05:00 PM
Find out who and why Krishna's name was Kanha

Tell everyone that Janmashtami is going to be celebrated today, August 23 and 24. So today we are going to tell you why and who named Krishna as Kanha. Yes, let us know.

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Mythology - One day Vasudeva inspired a total priest Gargacharya Gokul. Nand Yasoda paid respects and took Vasudeva Devki's condition when asked why he had been born in a nearby village. On hearing this, Nand Yasoda requested, "Baba, we have two children born here."

Gargacharya denied you the habit of doing every job loudly. If Kansa finds out, I will make a living. Nand Baba said, "We will not tell anyone to silently christen in the Bhagwan Gaushala." Gargacharya was ready when Rohini heard that the total priests had come and began to chant praises.

Yashoda said, "Garg is such a great priest, so do this to your children we change you take my child and I will go with your son and see how your total priestly truth is known." The mothers appeared on the exam. The children arrived at the changed Gaushala.

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Seeing the child in the hands of Yasoda, Gargacharya said, "This is the son of Rohini, so a name will make everyone rejoice with his qualities, then there will be a name Ram and if there is no one in the force, there will be a name force, but the most commonly taken name is Balram." It will attract everyone to none, so there will be name traction.

Now, as soon as you saw the child on Rohini's lap, all his thoughts were lost in the Gargacharya Mohini Murtia, the love Samadhi with the forgotten open eyes, the Gargacharyas did not speak, nor did they speak, and how many moments had passed, Baba Yasoda was nervous and started asking baba what What happened? Have you come to naming the child, have you forgotten it? Hearing this, Gargacharya has become conscious and uttered, "Nand, your child is not an ordinary human being..." Kanha showed an eye as soon as he pointed the finger.

The Gargacharya was to say that this is God. It is only then that Kanha threatens Gargacharya in his eyes, Baba, not to reveal my distinction. I know Baba worships god and closes it in the cupboard and I have not come to be locked in the cupboard, I have come to eat Makhan Misri, I have come to soak myself in mother's mother's mother and you have explained what will happen to me. I explained to you.

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However, as soon as Gargacharya did not obey, Kanha again threatened Baba, otherwise, the tongue would stop here and the finger would be raised. This whole game was happening in the eyes of Nand Yasoda sitting nearby. Now Gargacharya says, "Your son's name will be many, as you would perform actions, so new names will come, but because it has found black this time, it will have a black name, so it has come in many colors before it is black."

My tongue has swirled in speaking what kind of name Maya Boli Baba has mentioned. To give an easy name, the Gargacharya said, "May you call it Kanhaiya, Kanha, Kishan or Kisna." When I heard this, I smiled and kept calling Kanha all my life.

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