'Neither Kashmira nor Sunita..' This was the reason for Krishna-Govinda dispute
'Neither Kashmira nor Sunita..' This was the reason for Krishna-Govinda dispute

How much Krushna is loved by the famous actor of Bollywood films, Govinda, is estimated by the fact that he gave the name of his beloved nephew himself, while for nephew Krushna, there is no one better than uncle Govinda and he gives him the status of a father. But then something happened that there was a long separation of 6 years between them? It's been 6 years since the two have been away from each other. After all, what was the cause of the dispute between the two?  

In media reports, sometimes someone blames Kashmira Shah for this, and someone blames Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja, but Govinda and Krushna, who were once the same family, separated only because of misunderstandings. Yes, yes... Misunderstandings that ruin good relationships and family. The same thing happened with Govinda and Krushna. Once a misunderstanding in a relationship took place, everything just shatters. It was a misconception that without thinking, Kashmira made that tweet, then, the controversy escalated and it was also a misunderstanding that Sunita Ahuja took that tweet on her own.

The question now is whether there will be a reconciliation between the two. Six years have passed since their relationship was so scattered and a lot has been said and a lot has been written in these 6 years. But now Krushna has taken the initiative to improve the relationship. Recently, Krushna not only apologized to Govinda in an interview, but he also got emotional and he said that he misses Govinda a lot. After this, Govinda also talked about forgiving him, but whether these things are happening from the heart, will be known only when the time comes.       

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