With an ambition to be independent, Kushagra Anand, 19 started working in the field of digital marketing. He found his footing rather quickly, and after that, there was no stopping him. He explored other avenues, and now he is a jack of all trades. 

Kushagra Anand is from Katni, Madhya Pradesh. He is a digital marketer, a business consultant and a public relations expert. He runs two companies - Marketing Crown and Indian Crown Media. 

Today he is an all-rounder entrepreneur, but things were different when he started. 

In his early days, he did not have someone who could teach him everything, and neither did Kushagra want to be spoon-fed. He showed himself the ropes, learned everything he could. As he gained more experience he spread his wings more. 

He branched out to business consultancy and PR. In his amazing track record, one can find tons of prominent names - both national and international. 

Since he learnt everything himself, he has unmatched insight into the market. His advice has helped tons of brands. 

His PR work is also greatly beneficial to businesses. He has connections with leading news outlets, which help his clients get published on national and international sites. 

While this level of success is already awe-inspiring, Kushagra Anand has just spread his wings. He still has a long high flight ahead.

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