Hero Electric MD Naveen Munjal Discusses about Electric Vehicle

Nov 19 2019 11:43 PM
Hero Electric MD Naveen Munjal Discusses about Electric Vehicle

While announcing the fourth edition of Supersikh Run Half Marathon, a special thing has happened to Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric. Naveen Munjal shared a lot of information about electric vehicles and the company's plan has been told.

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First of all, congratulations for this first, tell about this race and how the response received from people about it in previous years-

It is getting very good response from the people and for us this is the third year and we have been associated with the SuperSikh run and with courage. We feel great by doing this and its range is increasing year after year. The most special thing in this race is that it has not discriminated about religion, caste etc.

Recently, Hero Electric has started the Code Green initiative and describe it in more detail.

We have been thinking about the Code Green initiative for many years to bring something special to the environment. We are working for the environment anyway, because our office is green office, there is no use of plastic, solar panels are installed.

Naming the green code, we have started giving green helmets, through which we are showing different to the riders that they have bought an electric vehicle, so they are working for the environment. Along with this, we are also giving masks, because pollution is increasing so much, it is quite necessary in view of that.

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Recently, the auto industry has gone through lethargy, in such a situation, what has been the impact on the electric vehicle and read some effect in the sale of Hero Electric-

Like the rest of the industry, the base of the electric vehicle industry is very small and the format of these two is also different. First of all, the effect of slowdown on electric vehicle has not been read, because these two are completely different industries. At the same time, Hero Electric has grown a lot during this period. Along with this, the government is also helping to buy electric vehicles and the government has introduced several schemes, because the government wants to increase the use of electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered vehicles.

How was this year for Hero Electric and what are your plans for 2020?

Hero Electric keeps expanding product range over and over again. Along with this, we also keep bringing new categories like this year we have introduced a new vehicle to support delivery. We are considering to bring a new electric vehicle in view of the small campus like the Taj Mahal in Agra, if IC engine vehicle is not allowed near 700 meters, then there are many places where we can put electric vehicles Can bring.

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