This baby boy's style will make you crazy, Watch video

Oct 14 2020 04:51 PM
This baby boy's style will make you crazy, Watch video

Now a video on social media is going viral, which will also make your mind feel patriotic. In this video, a small child paraded in front of the soldiers. He is really commendable. The video clearly shows that a small child is standing on the roadside wearing sweaters and shoes. While looking at the video, it seems as if the construction of a building or office is going on at that place. The small child stands on the side of the mud pile.

Only two soldiers come near him and ask the child to parade. A soldier is being heard saying that you had to meet. Ok, now do attention. Yes, rest now, attention, and salute now. The little child parades very correctly. At that moment, both soldiers wish for the child's better life. The soldier asks the child to parade. The courage of the child increases and he paraded in a good way.

The style in which the child has saluted the youth, it clearly shows that the child has a desire to become a soldier in the future. The video is from a village in Leh, which the soldier has recorded in his phone. Indian Forest Service officer Sudha Raman has shared his account on social media Twitter, which has so far seen about 80 thousand persons and 2500 persons. While 500 people have retweeted it, many people have made comments in which they have praised the child.

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