Newborn gets new life amid lockdown
Newborn gets new life amid lockdown

Chandigarh: In today's time, disease or any disaster becomes a crisis on both human life. One of which is the coronavirus, this is such a disease, which has not been able to break any. While more than 200,000 deaths have occurred due to the virus, the lockdown has endangered the life of a day old newborn when it is possible to bring him from the Pathankot Military Hospital to Chandimandir Command Hospital for emergency and better treatment. The team of Surgical Specialist Major Adil Abdul Kalam at Pathankot Military Hospital operated the newborn, not only saved his life but also added a new chapter in the history of the Army Medical Corps, because a day of newborn in emergency in Military Hospital This in itself is the first such operation.

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According to sources, there was a doubt of a rare congenital anomaly in the intestines of a day-old child born of a caesarean section. As a result, contamination of the stomach with intestinal block and perforation developed. This led to the septic infection of the newborn. Due to which the condition of the child worsens further. Due to the danger of lockdown and corona infection, it was not possible to take the command hospital Chandimandir for better treatment. It took at least 6 hours to reach Chandimandir from Pathankot, but the child's surgery had to be done very quickly and necessary. The pediatric surgeon was not available in the civil hospitals of Pathankot due to the lockdown. Surgical Specialist Major Adil Abdul Kalam of Pathankot Military Hospital underwent a complex and challenging operation to open the abdomen of a newborn baby who was on ventilator. Ultimately, taking a big risk or the operation was done which happened for the first time in the Armed Forces Medical Services.

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Sources say that neither the pediatric surgeon nor the pediatric anesthesiologist and neonatologist was present during the operation. The operation was performed in an emergency, if a delay of a few minutes could also result in multiple organ failure, which could lead to death. The doctor said that in the absence of super specialty facilities, managing the case was a very challenging and stressful task. Performing complex surgery in the intestines of a newborn with septic infection was technically difficult and horrific. But the team of doctors and nurses performed the surgery effectively. Now the child is out of the ventilator and is tolerating breast feed.

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