One day I happened to observe two donkeys grazing in two different fields, separated by fencing. Tender, green grass grew abundantly in both the fields.   Yet both the donkeys stretched their necks as far as possible towards the opposite direction through the fence just to be able to get a bite of that forbidden grass on the other side. As I liked the scenery very much, I took a photo of it, put in my collections and started meditating on it. The picture revealed to me the old saying, ‘The Grass is always greener on the other side’, or the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

We humans have the same tendency. We get more attracted to things, talents, abilities or opportunities which others have than our own.    We people are never satisfied even with the abundance we have.  We always find the others are far better and their conditions seem more greenish or attractive to our eyes –   the neighbor’s wife/husband, the friend’s sports car, boss’s beauty bungalow, higher life sep-up of others and the like. 

On the other side, these things which we think will make us happy, but when we get it we may feel empty and unsatisfied. Our freedom, lifestyle and relations, friendships and bonds, health and situation etc we enjoy daily, which we take for granted simply because they have been in our lives every day. We take a lot of emotional stability to be content with what we have.

This is not mean to say that we should not diligently seek to improve our circumstances, diligently using our God-given talents and opportunities.  But we should not be discontent with the inherent talents that we have, and don’t try to covet anything that belongs to others beyond the fence.  The key to a happy life is being satisfied with who we are and where we are right now. Real contentment does not come when we get everything that we desire, but when we learn to be satisfied with what we have.  

When we have the conviction that we are living according to the best of our abilities, hard work and determination, and believe that our best efforts will be rewarded in time; our greed to graze on what is beyond the fence will automatically cease and then the grass out of boundaries would not seem more greenish to our eyes.

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