Lift Your Spirits Up Through The Tough Times; Stay Productive During Covid Crisis

May 13 2021 08:00 AM
Lift Your Spirits Up Through The Tough Times; Stay Productive During Covid Crisis

By PC THOMAS: The entire world is facing one of the greatest challenges the human history has ever faced through the second spread of Coronavirus. All over the world there are semi lockdowns or restrictions. It is an unprecedented experience for many people during this lockdown period due to the second pandemic. Almost everyone is once again passing through a critical point in time in their lives and finding it difficult to cope with the sudden change in their lifestyle. Staying safe or working safelty at home, however, is most likely the best precaution we can take at the present time to defend ourselves from COVID-19 attack. 

As the virus battle rages, many people are finding Covid19 restrictions comfortable and work from home safely. If you are not one among them, you need to make this time productive rather than becoming idle or getting depressed sitting at home.  Even in the time of social distancing, one can still connect with  one’s neighbors and friends and offer possible and feasible support to those in need.

With the supply of daily necessaries shrinking up, this is a good time to reconsider what you should regard as your essential commodities. Try to become simple and content with what you have at your hand during this lockdown period. It is useful for the future too.

During this lockdown what a better way than reading books, brushing up one’s vocabulary to improve our language proficiency  and share your knowledge and reflections with your friends which will enhance your knowledge of people, society, history and culture. Think about yourself and reflect on your future goals, physical, mental and spiritual health, career aspirations and much more.

You can also unlock your artistic talents and aptitudes. Try your hand at drawing, painting, photography, writing songs, poems etc.  If you are interested in cooking, you can find great recipes online and can finally spend time cooking things never as before, even though you are under stringent budget. 

You can build your body in the lockdown.  Many yoga and fitness centers are offering online-classes at this time, which you can use profitably to improve your health, both physical and mental. It is the best time you can indulge in exercising and making certain that you keep yourself healthy and fit.  

If you want to experience mental and spiritual peace, put on some music and give meditation a try. Meditation will also help you reduce stress, boost energy, develop immunity system to combat the virus attack. Choosing any of these activities will give you peace of mind and enable you to do complete justice to your free time. You can also explore many other activities in line with your taste and aptitude.

You can get rid of smoking, alcoholic addiction etc., and keep yourself healthy and disciplined. During this time of crisis, it is important that you together with your family come closer to God by worshipping and praying to God Almighty. A few moments of supplications and spiritual thought can release you from your day long unpleasant pressure and give you peace and harmony within yourself and then you can pass such experience on to others. 

Let NOT this crisis really locks your spirit down. Many opportunities are open to you and here it is suggested some of them. A famous dictum says: Do it, do it now!

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