LIGO Scientists win Special Breakthrough Prize-PM congratulated them

May 05 2016 05:03 PM
LIGO Scientists win Special Breakthrough Prize-PM congratulated them

The team of scientists that led to the discovery of the existence of gravitational waves has been awarded with a Special Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics.

The LIGO experiment had discovered the gravitational waves in September 2015. Scientists discovered using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO), it is widely regarded as the biggest discovery of the century.

Since 2012, the Breakthrough Prizes have been given for breakthrough achievements in mathematics, physics and the life sciences.

Winners get a handsome price of $3 million. The award will be presented at a ceremony this year.

The prize of $3 million out of which $1 million will be distributed among the three conceivers of LIGO – Kip Thorne, Ray Weiss and Ron Drever. The another $2 million will be distributed among 1,012 scientists who helped discover the gravitational waves.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Indian scientists for receiving the prestigious award.

"Congratulations to the Indian scientists who are among the recipients of the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. These scientists have been awarded for detection of gravitational waves, an exceptional scientific accomplishment", the Prime Minister said.

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