Lime removes the problem of flakes

Dec 08 2018 02:09 PM
Lime removes the problem of flakes

If a girl has a scar on her face then it spoils her whole beauty. Many times, due to strong sunlight and hormonal disillusion, the problem of jhands becomes. Girls use many methods to get rid of the problem of flakes, but there is no benefit. Today, we are going to tell you some ways of using which will remove the problem of flax and make your skin glow. 

1- Lemon juice works on the skin as a medicine. Apply the lemon juice on your face and remove it for 15 minutes to remove the brown stains of jhain. After that wash it with cold water. Continuous doing this for a few days will solve your problem. 

2- Tomato juice helps to remove facial scars. Allow tomato juice to dry on the skin. Wash your face with cold water later on. 

3- To remove the facial ions, put cream and honey in the milk on your face. When it dries, wash it with clean water. Wash it with clean water. Doing this will solve the problem of your scalp and your skin will shine. 

4- To get rid of the problem of flakes, place the aloe vera gel on your face twice a day. By installing aloe vera gel, you will get rid of the problem of stains and scars along with jhayas.


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