Know the festivals falling in September

Sep 14 2020 02:33 PM
Know the festivals falling in September

There are many fasts and festivals every week. Today, we are going to tell you this week's fast and festival. In this week, fast and festival-like the Bhaum Pradosh, Vishwakarma Puja, Magha Shradh, Sarva Pitru Amavasya, Kanya Sankranti is going to come. You would know that the ninth month of the English calendar is going to start in the third week of September. Now it is September 14 and today is Monday. This day is of god SHIVA. Today, we are going to tell you this week's important fasts and festivals.

September 15, Day: Tuesday: Bhaum Pradosh Fast- The Pradosh fast of the Krishnapaksh of Ashwin Mas is on September 15. it is Bhaum Pradosh because of Tuesday's day and there are great benefits from the worship of Lord Shiva during this period.

September 15, Day: Tuesday: Magha Shradh, Triyodashi shradh is called Magha Shradha.  Now this time it is on 15th September day Tuesday.

September 16, Day: Wednesday: Vishwakarma Puja, Sarv Pitru Amavasya- Vishwakarma Puja this year is going to be on Wednesday, the 16th of September. On this day, the craftsmen's God worships Lord Vishwakarma. Sarva pitru Amavasya 2020: This year, Ashwin Mas's Amavasya is on September 16. This Amavasya is also called the Sarva Piyru Amavasya.

September 18, Day: Friday: Adheekmas or Malmas or Purushottam Mas and Kanya Sankranti- Adheekmas or Malmas or Purushottam Mas is starting over September 18. It comes once in three years. The Swami of adheekmas is Lord Vishnu, that's why it is called purushottam mas

September 20, Day: Sunday: Vinayak Chaturthi – Every month's Shukla side is Chaturthi Vinayak Chaturthi which is on September 20 this time.

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