LIVE Bihar By-Election Result 2018; BJP win by 15,490, in Bhabua

Mar 14 2018 01:49 PM
LIVE Bihar By-Election Result 2018; BJP win by 15,490, in Bhabua

15:40 (IST): BJP win by 15,490, in Bhabua.

15:40 (IST):  RJD wins by 43,345, in Araria.

15:25 (IST): In Jahanabad, RJD wins by 35,036 votes.

15:10 (IST): In Jahanabad, Sudhad Yadav of RJD continues to grow, Sudha is leading in the 12th round with 32554 votes ahead of Jadu candidates with nearly 13,000 votes, JDU got 19750 votes.
15:08 (IST): BJP's Rinki Pandey is leading 13129 votes in the 20th phase of Bhabua. However, in the counting of 17th phase, 13099 was ahead of 12262 votes in the counting of votes made in the 11138 and 19
th rounds of 18th phase.
15:08 (IST): After 13 rounds in Araria Lok Sabha, ahead of RJD 18301, BJP got 240079 and RJD got 258331.

14:40 (IST): BJP is ahead of 9886 votes in Bhabhua seat. After the 16th round, BJP got 45,449 votes, Congress got 35,563 votes
14:25 (IST): In the Jehanabad Legislative Assembly, the RJD has got a huge boost. RJD fire with 20511 vote
13:55 (IST): BJP leading in Bhabua with 40,501 votes
13:50 (IST): RJD leading in Araria by 23,187 votes
BJP leads in Bhabua with 23,640 votes; RJD leads in Jehanabad with 32,554 votes
12:35 (IST): RJD, with 1,95,527 votes, leads by 455 votes in Araria; BJP trails with 1,95,072 votes
12:07 (IST): BJP leading in Bhabua
11:35 (IST): BJP leads in Bhabua by 2,528 votes; RJD leads in Jehanabad by 8,899 votes
11:25 (IST): The JD(U) candidate is trailing in Jehanabad

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