'Live-in with someone, love with someone else..', Abu Bakkar cuts Hindu woman into 3 pieces
'Live-in with someone, love with someone else..', Abu Bakkar cuts Hindu woman into 3 pieces

Kolkata: Heart-wrenching news has been heard from Bangladesh. In the Gobarchaka area of Khulna city, Abu Bakkar first trapped a Hindu woman in Bangladesh in his love, then brutally murdered her and also cut her body into three pieces. The police have also arrested the accused. The incident took place on November 7, 2022. The deceased has been identified as Kavita Rani. It is said that the accused Abu Bakkar had wrapped the woman's body in polythene and threw it in the drain after cutting it into 3 pieces.

Reports say that Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) detained the killer Abu Bakkar on the morning of 7 November 2022. RAB-6 spokesman Lt Col Mostaq Ahmed informed media persons about the massacre. He has said that the arrested Abu Bakkar and his so-called wife Sapna were living as husband and wife in the house of a person named Raju in Gobarchaka Square Number 1 for 3 years. Sapna is not legally Abu's wife. She works as a nurse at Prince Hospital in the city. Abu, despite being in a relationship, trapped Kavita in the trap of his false love.

It is being told that Kavita and Abu Bakkar had also met a few days before the murder. The accused met the woman just 5 days before the incident. He had brought Kavita to his rented house. At that time, his alleged wife Sapna had gone to work. Meanwhile, there was a lot of argument between the two. When Kavita spoke loudly, Abu Bakkar strangled her to death. Later, to dispose of the body, he brought a sharp knife from the kitchen and also severed Kavita's head from the torso. Both her hands were also cut apart. Abu Bakkar wrapped his severed head and hand in polythene. He put the rest of the corpse in a box.

The RAB official also revealed that the same night (November 5, 2022), Abu Bakkar crossed the Rupsa river with his so-called wife Sapna and left for Dhaka. Along with the police, RAB Intelligence has detected the whereabouts of accused Abu Bakkar on the night of November 6, 2022. After which he and Sapna were detained from the Chaurasta area of the Basan police station area of Ghazipur district. They handed over the arrested accused to Sonadanga police station.

Reports say that on November 6, 2022, at around 11 am, the police recovered the other part of Kavita Rani's body from a rented house in No. 1 Gobarchaka Cross Road, Khulna city. After the accused confessed to the crime, the RAB recovered Kavita's severed hands locked in polythene from a narrow place in the Gobarchaka area of the city.

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