12 children in critical condition after eating Anganwadi mid-day meal
12 children in critical condition after eating Anganwadi mid-day meal

Gopalganj: In Gopalganj, on Thursday, 12 children have been reported to be ill after eating khichdi during the mid-day meal of the Anganwadi centre. This case is being told of Anganwadi centre number-139 of Sareya Paharpur village of Barauli block. In this case, the parents of the children allege that the lizard had fallen in the mid-day meal, after which the children became ill after eating khichdi. It is being told that the children were taken to a private clinic, from where the parents took all the children to the Sadar Hospital. In this case, the doctor of Sadar Hospital has told all the children to be healthy and as an observation, told to keep the children in the emergency ward for some time.

It is being said that the children who were brought to Sadar Hospital include Sonam Khatoon, Chandni Kumari, Sonam Kumari, Anshika Kumari, Ayush Kumar, Deepanshu Kumar, Deepu Kumar, Anish Kumar, Aditya Kumar, Khushboo Kumari etc. According to the information that came to the fore, khichdi was prepared under the mid-day meal for the children in the Anganwadi center. At the same time, while making khichdi, suddenly the lizard fell and after that no one noticed the lizard and all the children were given food.

At the same time, when the health of the children started deteriorating one by one, the parents were called and the mid-day meal utensils were examined, and then the dead lizard was found. On the other hand, the Anganwadi centre's sevika and the officials concerned have refused to say anything. In fact, the parents allege that when there was a ruckus after the incident, the servant ran away.

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