Poonam Pandey will take off T-shirt in front of camera if she survives the 'charge sheet'!

Kangana Ranaut's show 'Lock Upp' has many strange accomplishments happening these days. Yes and the contestant of the show Poonam Pandey keeps making headlines by making some controversial statements every day. Now, recently, once again, she has said something that she has come into the discussion. In fact, she has promised her fans that if she is saved from the charge sheet, she will remove her T-shirt in front of everyone. Let me tell you all that Poonam Pandey has done this before. Yes, if you all remember, she had earlier promised to be topless if the Indian cricket team won. At that time, she had also fulfilled this promise, after which she was in a lot of discussions.

Now if we talk about the 'Lock Upp' case, then everyone looked very surprised to hear this announcement from Poonam Pandey. Although Munawwar and Azma who were in the mood for fun told Poonam that Poonam should show a little trailer of this surprise. Let us also tell you all that Poonam Pandey had said in front of the camera that if she was saved from the charge sheet, she would give a big surprise to the fans. Yes and Poonam Pandey who was sitting with Munawwar, Anjali, Azma, Ali Merchant and Vineet Kakkar said to her fans, 'Hello, hello, whoever is listening. Save me from this charge sheet. I swear I'll give such a wonderful surprise to you people live on camera in Poonam Pandey style. You guys save me by voting, then see what happens in this jail.'

During this time, Vineet Kakkar makes fun of Poonam Pandey and said that she will not do anything and is just fooling everyone. However, after talking about it for a long time, Poonam Pandey admitted that she would take out her T-shirt on camera for the fans if she was saved from the nomination. Now it remains to be seen if that really happens or not!

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