Police keeping an eye on people coming to Madhya Pradesh after crossing Chambal river

The duration of lockdown has been extended to prevent coronavirus. The Chambal river determines the boundary of Madhya Pradesh between Rajasthan and UP. There are about 147 ghats of the river from Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh to Bhind. Most of these sailors operate boats on the ghats. There is no account of these boats with the Forest Department and the administration. This boat is still making people cross the river.

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Actually, the police have filled the boats in the boats of the sailors living in the UP border, but in Madhya Pradesh, these boats have been ignored. Boats running from Sheopur to Bhind district in the National Chambal Sanctuary have been declared illegal by the Forest Department. Even after this, on average, more than 125 boats operate in the river. The forest department and the administration had unsuccessfully tried to count these boats three years ago. Boating is not allowed in the sanctuary, yet villagers living in the Chambal banks of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and UP also operate small boats to big boats for their livelihood.

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No written instructions have also been issued by the administration and police to control these boats. Although the station incharge are aware of these boats. He has warned the sailors at their level not to steer the boat. But boats are still crossing from the Ghats in Nagra and Mahua areas, including Thana Nagra, Sabalgarh, Chinnouni, Jaura, Dimani, Saraichhaula, Ambah and Porsa.

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