Know About The World's Weird Creatures, Someone Sleeps 22 Hours So some for Just 30 Minutes!

Today we will talk to you about the world's longest and shortest-sleeping humans. So let us know about such organisms today.

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Eat Monkey

Their eyes are like owls and the whole body is like a monkey. So that's why they're able to see it at night too. It is mostly available in Panama and tropical South America. It sleeps for 17 hours.


There are about 2500 species of snakes worldwide, including the longest and most dangerous snakes. You will also be surprised to know that dragons also rest for 18 hours in 24 hours.

Bats have these special things in their wings, for which they are able to do acrobats at night!


This is a koala, which is found in Australia and it is a kind of bear. It is also considered to be the most sleepy animal in the world. It sleeps for 22 hours out of 24 hours.


You might have seen a lot in the zoo if you talk about a giraffe. You will be surprised to know that the giraffe sleeps five minutes at a time while a total of 30 minutes in 24 hours.

So these were some animals in the world's longest and the shortest time to sleep.

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