Love instant noodles? Here’s how you can make them healthy

Instant noodles are something that we all are guilty of binge eating when we are short on time. But an overdose of instant noodles can be harmful. So try these ways to make them healthier and more nutritious.

If you can’t help but eat instant noodles as a meal, then you can try some of these ways to make instant noodles healthy and nutritious. Check out these 4 ways to amp up the nutrition level in your bowl of instant noodles.

Add egg

Eggs are a great source of protein and have many health benefits. Moreover, a perfectly soft boiled egg pairs pretty well with a bowl of instant noodles. So add an egg to your noodles to make them healthier.

Add a protein 

If you aren’t a fan of eggs, then you can add any other protein of your choice, be it chicken or lamb or fish. Simply saute the meat with some salt and pepper and add the chopped pieces to the bowl of instant noodles. 

Add vegetables 

Probably the easiest way to make your instant noodles healthier is by adding some freshly chopped vegetables to them. From carrots to spinach, add different vegetables to the noodles to make them more nutritious and healthy.

Add condiments

There are a variety of condiments that you can add to your bowl of instant noodles that not only will enhance the flavour of the noodles but will also save you from eating the sodium-induced packed condiments that come with the noodles. 


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