Many un suitable laws will end in UP
Many un suitable laws will end in UP

The Yogi Government of UP is considering to introduce the Uttar Pradesh Repeal Bill -2020 in the monsoon session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly on Saturday. Through this bill, more than 62 unusable laws in the state will be abolished. The Law Commission has already allowed such laws to be abolished.

The government says that there is no longer any need for these old laws. This includes the Uttar Pradesh Brosthal Act of 1938 made by the British, in whose place the Central Government has already made the Juvenile Justice Act. It is applicable across the country. Similarly, it is believed that more than 30 laws related to government committees will be finished. Uttar Pradesh Children Act 1951 is also no longer useful. Similarly in some other laws, UP Animal Purchase Tax Act, Uttar Pradesh Film and Taxation Act will also be abolished.

The government has taken this decision through the Yogi Cabinet by Circulation. On Saturday, the government will pass around 22 bills. Earlier these were 17 bills, but recently the government has decided to bring 5 more bills. These include MSME Amendment Bill, Revenue Code Bill and Prison Bills. The Yogi government wants to abolish this type of law as soon as possible, so that there is no obstacle in completing government schemes on any side. There are speculations that the opposition may oppose this change.

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