Lucknow KGMU soon to get 500-bed trauma centre
Lucknow KGMU soon to get 500-bed trauma centre

LUCKNOW: The Trauma Center Phase-II project at Lucknow's King George's Medical University (KGMU) has approved a proposal to build a 500-bed emergency centre.

The existing 150-bed trauma centre, which sees 450–500 emergency patients each day, is anticipated to experience less stress as a result of the new facility.

An official spokesman said that the proposed centre would be an addition to the current buildings, adding more OTs and diagnostic labs. It will be able to serve emergency patients who arrive from all over the state more effectively and quickly.

The idea has been referred to the government for further action after being approved by the executive council. The previous nursing hostel will be torn down after the new facility is built, according to the draught.
Apart from the two-story basement used for parking, diagnostic labs, and other amenities, it will have seven floors.
80-bed facilities and a radio diagnostic centre will be located in the front part of the ground floor. There will be a 60-bed unit on the first level with at least 12 OTs. Patients undergoing trauma surgery will have access to 80 beds on the third story, followed by 60 beds for orthopaedic patients on the fourth floor.

The sixth floor will contain super specialist facilities including ENT, vascular surgery, ophthalmology, a destitute ward, and plastic surgery, among other things. The fifth floor will have a 40-bed ICU and 20 HDU beds.

On the seventh floor, an office lounge, a seminar centre, and home retailers will be built.

"The projected Phase II will include complete pathology and radiological capabilities under one roof while emergency services to extremely ill old patients will continue in the previous building of Trauma Center Phase-I," said Lt Gen (retd) Prof Bipin Puri, vice chancellor of KGMU. After the government gives its approval, the work will shortly begin, he noted.

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