20 cows died in hunger and thirst, imprisoned in Panchayat Bhawan for 15 days

Feb 18 2020 05:55 PM
20 cows died in hunger and thirst, imprisoned in Panchayat Bhawan for 15 days

Shivpuri: The case of death of 20 cows has come to light in Chitipur in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. The villagers alleged that about 20 cows in the Kushabhau Thakre Panchayat Bhavan were locked within the boundary bowl for 15 days. All 20 cows died one by one due to hunger and thirst. The villagers have blamed the Sarpanch and the Secretary for this.

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Villagers say that 20 cows were imprisoned 15 days ago in Kushabhau Thakre Panchayat Bhawan in Chitipur village under the Dinara police station area. There is no arrangement for fodder and cows. The cows died of hunger and thirst one by one in about 10-15 days. The villagers allege that the key to the locks of the Panchayat Bhavan remains with the sarpanch and the secretary, both did not open the cows by opening the lock, hence the sarpanch and secretary are guilty for the death of 20 cows. It is being told that this stray cow dynasty was ruining the crops of farmers, so it was imprisoned.

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A gaushala has been approved in Thanra Gram Panchayat, 8 km away. On September 25, Congress MLA Jasmant Jatav performed Bhoomipujan for Gaushala. Even in 5 months the work of Gaushala was not completed. The villagers say that if a cow shed was built, the lives of 20 cows could be saved.

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