Father raped and killed married daughter
Father raped and killed married daughter

Bhopal: Police have made a shocking revelation in the case of the body of a woman and her son recovered from the Samsgarh forest in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal. According to the police, the woman was raped before she was murdered and the perpetrator was none other than the real father of the deceased woman. Ratibad TI Sudesh Tiwari told the media that the mutilated body of a woman and a young child was recovered in Samsgarh forest 2 days ago.

He said that when the police started investigating the case, it was found that the body belonged to a woman living in Bilkisganj in Sehore district and the son of the child whose body was found. On this basis, the police started questioning and found that the deceased woman had a love marriage a year ago, which did not make the family happy. On this basis, the family members were questioned, so the father was suspected. On strict interrogation, the father confessed to the crime and the police were also stunned to hear what he said. After all, how can a father do this to his daughter? According to TI Sudesh Tiwari, the father accused in the interrogation said that his daughter had a love marriage and then moved to Raipur. When the daughter ran away from home and got married, he received taunts and the family was deeply defamed in society.

The daughter didn't come home since marriage, but when she came home with her (accused's) elder daughter this Diwali, her 8-month-old son died of illness. Amidst the mourning, the elder sister called her father and informed him about the tragic incident, so the father reached Ratibad with his son and came to Samsagad forest with his daughter to bury the baby's body. Here, the first daughter had an argument over a love marriage, after which the father first raped the daughter and then strangled her to death. The accused father has been booked and arrested under Section 302, 376 of the IPC after admitting the crime.

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