These 3 roles were offered to Nitish, wants to play Abhimanyu's role
These 3 roles were offered to Nitish, wants to play Abhimanyu's role

The image of Nitish Bhardwaj, who became famous in the role of Krishna in BR Chopra's Mahabharata, is still in people's minds. He approached the makers not for the role of Krishna first but for other characters. When Nitish was offered Krishna's role in the end, he did not want to play it. Now what was the reason for this was revealed by Nitish in an interview. Know the funny story of his casting in Mahabharata. The makers had earlier offered the role of Vidhur to him but this idea was later canceled. After this, he himself came to know about his replacement from the same actor who was playing the role of Vidur. 

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In an interview to a media reporter, Nitish had said, "My casting was done for Vidur's role first. Before the shoot when I was in the makeup room, Virendra Razdan came to the costume and told me that he has become Vidur. I was surprised then when I reached to talk to Ravi Chopra Ji, he said that you are 23-24 years old. Vidur will get old after a few episodes. You will not freeze in that role." Later, Nitish was offered the role of Nakula and Sahadev. But he wanted to play Abhimanyu. The makers convinced him to play Nakul or Sahadev but he did not agree. Nitish said that he wanted to do a good role in Mahabharata. Then one day Nitish was approached to play Krishna. 

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Nitish told, "I was on an outdoor shoot. Goofy Pental then called my mother and said that I should do a screen test for Krishna's role. I told my mother that I will not do this role by telling her, but my mother showed sense and told Goofy that I am shooting in Kolhapur. She will be able to send Goofy's message to me only after returning from Kolhapur. After this, Nitish suddenly met BR Chopra one day. So he asked Nitish - what is your problem? I am calling you for a screen test. Why are you ignoring it? Nitish said in response - for the role of Krishna, you should take an experienced person. How a new person can play a superhero. Then BR Chopra asked Nitish to give at least screen test. After this, everyone knows how Nitish got limelight by playing Krishna. People used to worship him.

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