After killing mother, son ate heart, kidney, intestine

Kolhapur: A shocking incident has been reported recently from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. In fact, a court here has sentenced a 35-year-old to death in connection with the brutal murder of his mother. According to the information received, the youth is the son of the deceased. District and Sessions Judge Mahesh Jadhav termed it as the rarest case in the case and sentenced convicted son Sunil Kuchikorvi to death.

What is the matter- Yes, in fact, this is the case in Kolhapur city of Maharashtra. A local court here sentenced a 35-year-old man (Sunil Kuchikorvi) to death last Thursday. Sunil reportedly killed his own mother and, after that, ripped the mother's body and removed her limbs. The incident is said to have taken place on August 28, 2017, and took place at Makkadwala Vashat in the city. District and Sessions Judge Mahesh Jadhav termed the case as the rarest of rare and sentenced Sunil Kuchikorvi, the son of the deceased, to death. Sunil reportedly ripped off his body and removed all his organs after killing his 62-year-old mother. Yes, the young son took out his mother's heart, kidneys, intestines, etc., and then chewed it with salt and pepper.

In this case, the prosecution says, "We initially seemed to have this cannibalism case. Because when the accused was caught, his mother's limbs were found near the kitchen with salt, oil, and chili powder and he (Sunil Kuchikorvi) had blood in his mouth.'' The lawyer in the case said Sunil Kuchikorvi was addicted to alcohol. On the day of the incident, he had asked his mother for some money to buy liquor and when she refused, Sunil killed the mother with a sharp weapon.

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