80-year-old father leaves 62-year-old son in 'old age home,' will be surprised to know the story

Nagpur: A strange incident has been witnessed in an old age home in the Nagpur district of Maharashtra. His 80-year-old father had come to the old age home to drop a 62-year-old man here. When the people who witnessed the emotional moments of one elder leaving the old age home in this way asked the reason behind it, family disputes emerged as the main reason. The stream of tears from the eyes of the aged parents, who had come to drop the old son, was not taking its name to stop. He told that his wife troubles the son a lot, many times she has beaten him too. 

The parents told that after the assault on the 62-year-old man in the past, his health deteriorated. After this, the elderly parents decided to keep the son in an old age home. He said that it is sad to leave the son here, but happy that he will be able to take good care of him. According to media reports, the aged couple told that after marriage, his wife used to torture the son. The daughter-in-law had refused to live with her mother-in-law after marriage. He says that there should not be any problem in the family of the son and daughter-in-law, so we also thought it appropriate to separate, for this the son was not ready, but somehow persuaded and extinguished it. He tells that the daughter-in-law's behavior became furious day by day. If the son someday went to meet his parents at their home, So the daughter-in-law used to lift the house on her head. Many times he even hit him (son) for this. Fearing public shame, the elderly son tolerated this behavior, but with time the attitude of the daughter-in-law got worse. The old parents told that the son's son, that is, the grandson, has also raised his hand on his father.

The old couple was also aware of this harassment happening with the son, they wanted to keep their son with them, but the daughter-in-law was not ready for it. He says that he tried it many times, but the daughter-in-law used to make a ruckus after reaching home and instigate the neighbors too. 62-year-olds are retired from government service, they have enough pension that he can live his life comfortably. The elder's father alleges that because of this pension, the daughter-in-law used to live with her husband, she takes the entire pension. He tells that when he decided to leave the old age home after seeing the condition of the son, the daughter-in-law was not ready, but forcibly he took his son from there and took him to the old age home.

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