Mahatma Gandhi termed Dalits as 'Harijans'

Oct 01 2020 05:31 PM
Mahatma Gandhi termed Dalits as 'Harijans'

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, led the world's largest mass movement. This mass movement was against British imperialism. Gandhi's mass movement gave us two important tools to fight against unjust power, non-violence, and satyagraha. He taught us that while making policies we should take care of the last person in the last line of society. The ideas on which he shaped his movements, Gandhi did not bring with him from his mother's womb.

Those ideas developed over time and the ideas laid the foundation of India's freedom movement. He used to say that his life is his message. His personality and work became the inspiration for colonialism and anti-racist movements around the world. He was an advocate for the establishment of social equality in India and the elimination of the caste system was the main goal of his life. These elements show a phase of his life when he was fighting against the injustice prevalent in society in the name of race and caste.

During the 'Black Lives Matter' movement that started recently after the brutal murder of George Floyd, some protesters in the US damaged Gandhi's statue. Earlier, one of his statues was uprooted in Ghana and a 'Gandhi Must Fall' movement was launched along the lines of 'Rhodes Must Fall'. Under no circumstances can Gandhi be classified as Rhodes and others like him who played the main role in enslaving blacks. In the early period of his life, Gandhi advocated work-based Varnashrama Dharma. He glorified the work of clearing the dirt and gave the name of Dalits to Harijans.

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