Follow special makeup tips to get Smokey Eye
Follow special makeup tips to get Smokey Eye

For the new trendy and beautiful look of makeup, you can adopt Smokey Eye Makeup. Smokey eye makes your look great. For this, you have to adopt many types of tips. These days Smokey Eye Makeup is quite in trend. Bollywood divas are also following mostly smokey eye makeup for the Guardian look, but if the makeup is not done properly then it does not remain in your look. If you also want your smokey eyes, then follow some of these makeup tips.

How to make smokey eye makeup

1. To make the best eye makeup, first clean the eyes with cotton. If there is dust or dirt on the eyes or makeup already, then the base of smokey effect will deteriorate.

2. Always use pencil eyeliner so that the eyes get soft and creamy texture. After this, take a drop primer and apply it on the eyelid.

3. Now apply the light shade's eye concealer well under the eyes and on the eyelid. Doing this makes it easier to apply eyeshadow.

4. Always keep in mind that whenever eyeshadow matches the color of the eyes. Blend it well. Apply dark colored eyeshadow on the upper eyelid of the eyes and blend it well so that the light mixes with the eyeshadow.

5. Apply black eyeshadow over gray eyeshadow for a smokey look. Now apply gel eyeliner on the lashline as it is easily applied. Now complete the makeup by applying mascara.

Take care of these things as well
If you want make-up to last for a long time, then use smogproof products.

Applying white or bright colors to the inner corners of the eyes can make Smokey Eyes even more beautiful.

If you have wrinkles on your eyes, use brown or light shades to make you look younger. Avoid applying too much mascara or shadow. This makes the eyes look bad. Also do not use contrasting colors.

If you are going to a party or function, then use three shades to show the eyes perfect, one shades dark, the other light and the third medium shade. Smudge well after applying eyeshadow. The shades will be well blended.

Smudge the black liner with light hands on the lower lashline to avoid dark circles. This will not make them look like dark circles.

To give a final touch to the smokey look, do not forget to apply mascara on the eyelids and apply it on the eyelids while twisting them.

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