Want a thin waist like Malaika, then do planks

Sep 20 2019 08:25 PM
Want a thin waist like Malaika, then do planks

Even after the age of 40, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora (Plank benefits) is not responding to fitness. You know how fit and hot they are. In fact, he is very disciplined for his fitness routine. She not only pays attention to her fitness, but also inspires her fans for better fitness. She has shared a photo for her slim waist by exercising planks. If you want too, then let us tell you about it.

Benefits of Planks
It strengthens your wrists, forearms, shoulders and spine.
Improves wrist flexibility.
Opens the hips and hamstrings.
Tones up the abdominal muscles.
Takes balance, concentration and focus.

Curvey wrist

If you also want a curvy waist like Malaika Arora, then do a plan exercise daily. This makes the lower back muscles more active. In addition, this exercise also supports the neck and spine and makes it strong. It also relieves pain in the shoulders and waist.

Increases balance
Along with making the body strong, it is important to maintain balance on it. This is possible only when your weight is as per your ability. Plan helps. This balances the body.

Essential for bone health
Regular practice of planks exercises prevents osteoporosis. There are no specific signs of osteoporosis before the bone breaks. This happens due to reduced density of bones. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends daily plank exercises to prevent osteoporosis.

Cooling Exercises
Most women have a problem of fat accumulation in and around the well. Plan is a better exercise to avoid this. This planar exercise, taking into account the gluteal muscles (a spot near the hips) and hamstring legs, gives the buttocks a desired shape and does not accumulate excess fat around it. This also reduces cellulite.

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