UN eyes on Mali's position, France demands immediate release of President
UN eyes on Mali's position, France demands immediate release of President

Washington: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is constantly monitoring the developments in the West African country of Mali. In an unforeseen incident in the country, rebel soldiers have surrounded the residence of President Ibrahim Baubkar Keita on Tuesday. And while firing in the air, he and PM Bubou Sis have been detained, the U.N. strongly condemned the military coup. With which the situation is being closely monitored by the United Nations Mission in Mali. France has demanded the immediate release of President Ibrahim. The colonies of Mali France continue to grow. In the year 2012 too, there was a coup here.

According to the information, just before midnight on Tuesday, President Keita announced his resignation in a brief address broadcast on the official TV 'ORTM'. He told that his resignation has been done with immediate effect. However, 3 years were left for his tenure. Keita said, 'I wish no blood would be shed to keep me in power. I have decided to quit. He had announced the dissolution of the government and the National Assembly. Keita was democratically elected president in 2013 and had widespread support from former colonialist France and other Western countries. He was again elected to this post after the year.

Even 8 years ago, the coup: Weapons have been seized from the soldiers' arsenal. The soldiers were seen roaming the streets of Bamco, it became clear that they now have control over the capital. However, no immediate statement has been sent by the soldiers. These soldiers are involved in the same barracks, where the coup incident has been carried out 8 years ago. Islamic extremism has increased in Mali since the last coup. Continuous efforts were made by the United Nations and France to control the situation, but to no avail.

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