Man arrested for cheating 26 women pledging marriage in Karnataka

BENGALURU: A man has been arrested by the Cyber Crime Police in Karnataka for allegedly defrauding as many as 26 women under the guise of marriage. To find his victims, the accused used matrimony websites. After attempting to deceive a woman who works for the police department, he was sentenced to prison. Jai Bheem Vittal Padukoti (33), a Vijayapur native, has been named as the suspect. In addition to suspending his bank accounts, the police took a luxury car from his possession.

After his father died, the accused acquired a job as a lineman at Hescom. In 2013, he married Kavitha and allegedly killed her after a fight. For this, he was sentenced to two years in prison.

After gaining bail, he turned to cheating women under the guise of marrying them in order to live a luxurious life. The accused pretended to be a section officer in Hescom by creating fraudulent accounts on marriage sites.

He used to send women messages saying that he liked their profile. Later, he would go to their homes to gain the trust of the victims' parents and relatives. He also promised the girls' relatives government positions in exchange for millions of rupees.

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