The boy went to fill water for the worship

May 15 2020 12:04 PM
The boy went to fill water for the worship

The case that has come up recently has surprised everyone. In this case, a young man went to fetch water from the hand pump for worship in the morning, and the villagers urinated in the pot and made him drink. While upset by this, the boy, wrote a suicide note and died. This shameful incident is being told in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh.

In village Sajaur in Shivpuri district, a young man named Vikas Sharma committed suicide by accusing people to force him to drink urine. According to the news, the deceased also left a suicide note before death, in which he has given a reason for committing suicide. In the suicide note given to the police, the young man wrote, "You have defiled me by drinking urine. You will die, this is my curse." The deceased has accused Taravati Koli, Manoj Koli and Priyanka Koli. 

The police have registered a case of abetment and harassment. Manisha Sharma, the sister-in-law of the deceased, says that "Vikas had gone to collect water from the hand pump to worship the temple, then Taravati called him a murderer and gave him urine Rajesh Singh Chandel says that "Suicide note issued before the death of the deceased makes a case of torture for suicide." Therefore, an FIR has been registered in the case. And all have been taken into custody.

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