Boy's 'JUGAD' to maintain physical distance, watch video here

Aug 06 2020 10:06 AM
Boy's 'JUGAD' to maintain physical distance, watch video here

Many videos related to Makeshifting are often seen on social media. Recently, a similar video has surfaced, which is totally different. Many people have tried various types of Makeshifting in the Corona era regarding physical distance. But this young man has made such a thing out of Makeshift, that people have praised him. Some people have even called this Makeshift even the father of social distance. 

This video has been shared by Twitter user @ BharatP44. He wrote in the caption of this post, "A boy from the village has made a special Jugaad to maintain physical distance". So far this video has got more than 18 thousand views, more than one thousand likes and 244 retweets.

In this video, it can be seen clearly that with the help of bicycle paddles, wheels, chains, ropes and a basket, such a thing is made that any shopkeeper can give them goods without any physical contact. The biggest thing about this Makeshift is that there will be a distance between the customer and the shopkeeper that there will be no option to get infected with corona.

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