Man murdered aunt and her daughter over money dispute

Jun 17 2020 09:20 PM
Man murdered aunt and her daughter over money dispute

Nowadays cases of crime are increasing. The matter that has recently come up is from the Subhaha police station area. Where the murder of the woman and her daughter, which took place two days ago, has been revealed by the police on Tuesday. In this case, the police have arrested the nephew in the double murder. The killer had carried out the incident due to the money dispute. According to the information received, the woman and her one and a half-year-old daughter Kusum, who lived in Lodipurwa village in Subhaha police station area, were murdered on 14 June. Her second daughter Taranum was found seriously injured.

The police station took the help of the crime branch to reveal the double murder. According to the news, on Tuesday, police arrested Shafiq, the accused of the double murder, from Rajapur market. The brick used in the incident was recovered from the possession of the arrested accused. When questioned in this case, the accused Shafiq said that "he does not get support at his house. Two months ago, he had taken money from his maternal uncle Jintul, in the afternoon on the day of the incident, he again came to the maternal uncle Jintul's house and asked for some money. On this, Jinnatul refused to give the money, due to which he murdered his wife and one of his daughters. The other daughter was brutally beaten up due to which she was seriously injured."

SP Arvind Chaturvedi said that the accused has confessed to his crime that he also raped the woman before murdering her. Police have arrested the accused of murder and sent him to jail.

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