This boy lives in house full of books, a girl asked, "Can I marry you?"

Aug 14 2020 03:00 PM
This boy lives in house full of books, a girl asked,

There are many people in the world who are bookworms. There are many people who like to read books. However, there are many people who consider books boring. Well nowadays, it is the online era and in this era, many people have not had the same relationship with books. Earlier people used to go to the library to read books, but now people prefer to stay at home and read books online or kindle. But in today's digital world, there are some people, who still go to the libraries to read and spend time among books.

Recently a Twitter user has posted a picture of a room full of books. He says that he lives in this library full of books all around. In a picture shared by him, a wall is covered from top to bottom with books, just like a library. A  study table is also kept and another picture shows that there is a comfortable chair in a corner in the middle of the books. Not only this, this person told that this is just 70-75 percent of the total books, which is about 8 thousand in total. After seeing so many books together, people were surprised. 

Those who are fond of reading wish to have this treasure. For the young man who has posted the picture, it is like living a dream. During this time the girls asked him "Can I marry You?".

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