An unknown man sent undergarment to a woman and said, "Wear it..."

Aug 07 2019 11:19 AM
An unknown man sent undergarment to a woman and said,

A recent case of crime has surfaced from Churchgate. A 36-year-old man has been arrested and taken into custody from Goa for allegedly sending a 33-year-old woman to an undergarment. The woman alleges that "the man had earlier sent obscene messages and obscene voice recordings to the woman and the accused was arrested by the Marine Drive Police after the woman complained to the police." According to the sources, a parcel arrived at the victim's house on June 15 and when the woman opened the parcel, it had three women's undergarment clothes and a letter.

When the woman read the letter "Just for you, I am sure you will love it. Wear it,"' as soon as the woman read the name address of the sender, it had written kalbadevi's address and after all, she complained to the Marine Drive Police. As soon as the case came to light, the police became alert and when the police launched an investigation, it was found that the letter had been sent by Pradosh Ramkrishna Naik (36) and then they arrested the accused from Goa. Police said the victim used to take her pet dog on Marine Drive to the Morning Walk.

At that time, the accused used to turn back. Gradually, the accused started talking to the woman and increased her identity with her. The accused had also taken the woman's WhatsApp number and then started harassing the accused by texting her," she ran away and worked, but the accused did not look after the police for more than for a long time. The escaped and the police caught him.

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