Man trying to catch giant anaconda, video going viral

Jul 01 2020 03:01 PM
Man trying to catch giant anaconda, video going viral

Sometimes such videos become viral on social media, which people are shocked to see. Recently, one such video is becoming very viral on Twitter, in which a man is seen trying to capture the giant Anaconda, but finally, Anaconda escaped from his grip while demonstrating its power. 

The video was shared on Twitter on June 26, which has so far been viewed more than three lakh times, while more than six thousand people have liked the video and 1900 people retweeted. This video is from the year 2014, but once again it is becoming very viral on social media. According to the information, this video is from Brazil, where three people were sitting on a boat in the Santa Maria River, and one of the men is seen viciously trying to catch the tail of that big anaconda and take it out of the water. You will be surprised to know that the length of the anaconda is about 17 feet.

According to media reports, the environmental police had imposed a fine of 600 rupees or about 45 thousand rupees on the three people for snake catching and they were told that they could be sentenced to jail for up to 18 months. The anaconda seen in this video is the yellow anaconda, which is believed to be the smallest snake of this species, who prefers to live in water. It is also said about Anaconda that they hold their prey so strongly that their prey dies.

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