PM takes name of this social worker in Mann Ki Baat

May 31 2020 04:45 PM
PM takes name of this social worker in Mann Ki Baat

PM Modi today (31 May) mentioned a man named Raju in Mann Ki Baat. Raju has also been in the discussion earlier because of his work. He has presented a wonderful example of humanity by helping people during the Corona period. This is the reason why Prime Minister Modi told the whole country about Raju.

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Raju is a resident of Pathankot in Punjab. He is a disabled person and begs. He spends money from begging to help the people. With the money of begging, Raju has so far given a month's ration to more than 100 families and has distributed masks among more than 2500 people. He had collected all this money by begging. Raju begs all day in a wheelchair. He keeps only as much as he can by begging. Everyone else divides it into other people. He is a source of inspiration for not only a healthy person, but also a healthy person who distributes rations to people's homes in dirty clothes. People know that if their money is to be used for good, then people give money to Raju with an open heart.

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In this era of virus, you can guess Raju's generosity by the fact that he has been engaged in social service for a long time. So far he has married 22 poor girls. In summer, Chhabil also makes Bhandara. Not only this, Raju got it constructed with his own money after getting fed up with daily accidents on a street bridge on Dhangu Road, Pathankot. Every year on August 15, he provide sewing machines to women to make them self-sufficient. In winter, blankets are distributed. Raju is also reimbursing the fees of some children and help for copy-book. Raju says that all these are my own. Helping them brings peace of mind.

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