'Mann Ki Baat' Strengthened India’s Foundation: Amit Shah
'Mann Ki Baat' Strengthened India’s Foundation: Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah lauded 'Mann Ki Baat', whose hundredth episode is scheduled to be telecast on Sunday,  April 30, 2023 and said that it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "unprecedented experiment" to empower the foundations of India's democracy.

Speaking at the concluding session of the National Conclave on 'Mann Ki Baat', Amit Shah said, "Mann Ki Baat is an unprecedented experiment carried out by PM Narendra Modi that empowered the foundations of India's democracy.It is a very significant event in which the leader appreciates the achievements of the people who are contributing to India's national growth in their own way," he said. The home Minister expressed his delight over the Prime Minister's choice to use 'Akashvani' as a medium to reach out to the people through his monthly radio programme, and said that it is the "voice of the nation's soul".

"I'm happy that Modi Ji chooses 'Akashvani' to deliver his message. I've been an admirer of "Akashvani" since I was young. It is, in my opinion, the soul of the country. I read in "Akshvani" about India's victory in Bangladesh as well as Indira Gandhi's downfall during an emergency. I frequently listened to Jaymala, a programme that played songs at the soldiers' requests to amuse them. People had forgotten about this medium, but Modi had brought it back to life and made it popular with the younger generation, the home minister added.

He also asserted that only via conversation between the people and the ruler can democracy's foundation grow solid. The foundation of India was strengthened by Mann Ki Baat in that capacity.  "It is amazing that a political leader spoke with people in 99 episodes without bringing up a single political subject. The minister added that throughout this presentation, the prime minister highlighted the nation's moral, innovative, and creative strengths.

"A country cannot have a successful democracy if it cannot organise and value these three forces. In all 99 episodes, Modi Ji applied this slogan, the speaker claimed.

In the past nine years, Modiji, he said, "unravelled many facets of India's democracy." However, one of his greatest achievements was freeing Indian politics from the shackles of casteism, mysticism, and appeasement.

"Our opinions can never be free as long as these three factors taint our thinking. Politics was decoupled from them and performance-based. Better performers and public servants can stay in politics. He stated, "He gave our democracy fresh life and vigour.
The prime minister demonstrated how to talk through his actions, ideas, and discussions rather than by giving a speech during Mann Ki Baat, he said.

The Home minister also used the Hindi proverb "Gagar mei sagar Bharna" to express how the PM included a wide range of topics in a short event and that too in a myriad of languages.
From Ladakh to Lakshwadeep and from the northeast to Punjab, Mann Ki Baat has always been distinctly pan-Indian in nature. It also covered a wide range of topics, including farmers, scientists, self-help organisations, start-ups, cooperation, and space, according to him.

He gave them all a new flight with Mann Ki Baat by raising awareness about cleanliness, ecology protection, self-reliance, inspiring COVID warriors and advocating for clean India, fit India, beti bachao, beti padhao, water conservation, and vocalising for local.
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a PERFECT communicator. He said that here P stands for campaigning for Peace, E for Empowerment, R stands for reflective, F stands for festive, E for economic development, C for caring, and T for thoughtful," He said. "Modiji sent across a message of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat explaining the significance of festivals and their relationship with our ecology," he added. We had forgotten Khadi, he continued. Modiji, however, asserted that it is a thinking process rather than a fabric. Modiji was the first to advocate for such intensity following Mahatma Gandhi.

The prime minister's call in "Mann Ki Baat  caused India to enhance its toy production, reducing imports by 70% and raising exports from Rs 202 million to Rs 326 million, he said.  Similarly export of musical instruments increased by 8% due to these encouraging words in 'Mann Ki Baat. Traditional games like Kabaddi and Khokho, which teach young people to accept defeat and maintain motivation, have gained popularity thanks to prime minister, Amit Shah said. 

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