Maserati to trounce others by ready to race track model soon of MC20
Maserati to trounce others by ready to race track model soon of MC20

New Delhi:- Maserati is getting a special version of the MC20 car ready to win races and be a winner.

Many companies that make supercars have occasionally tried making cars that are meant to be used only on racetracks. We have noticed impressive car models made by Bugatti, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, and even Rimac specifically designed for people who love to go fast on tracks.

And now Maserati is joining this group of car manufacturers.

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During an event called Monterey Car Week (The Quail) in the middle of August, Maserati will showcase a prototype called MCXtrema. This car is amazing and meant for racing only. Its name suggests that it is very powerful.

The car will be built using the MC20 as a foundation. So far, there haven't been any official information released. However, it is anticipated that the car will have a popular 3. 0-liter V6 engine with two turbos, which is expected to generate approximately 730 horsepower.

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Maserati has not shared information about the weight, chassis, and suspension of the MCXtrema. However, they have stated that this vehicle is not intended for driving on roads but only for use on tracks.

Maserati is making only 62 MCXtremas cars. If you were planning to buy one, don't bother because they have all been sold already. The Maserati MCXtrema will be shown to the public in California on August 18.

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The Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and many other cars are racing to win prizes and titles on the race tracks. Now, Maserati is also joining in and preparing to compete with its own car.

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