Masks necessary in this state, you will have to pay 500 rupees, if...

New Delhi: You all must know that once again corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country. Yes and in view of this, strictness is being taken again by the government and administration to avoid Corona. For the last few days, due to the preparation for festivals and heat, people had stopped wearing masks, although corona has now started increasing, masks have been made mandatory. In fact, masks have been made mandatory in Delhi. Let us tell you that this decision has been taken by the Delhi government and it has been informed that if anyone is seen without a mask in Delhi, action will be taken against him.

According to the notification issued by the Delhi government, "Wearing masks in public places has been made mandatory in Delhi. If someone is not seen wearing a mask, he can be fined. According to the notification, a fine of Rs 500 will be imposed for not wearing masks in public places. Let us also tell you that the rules issued by the Delhi government are about without masks in public places.

However, if someone is travelling in a private car in a public place, then this rule will not apply to him. Let us tell you that the number of active patients of Corona in Delhi has crossed 8 thousand. On Wednesday, more than 2 thousand cases were reported in Delhi and on Wednesday, 2495 new cases of the corona were reported in Delhi and 7 patients lost their lives. Not only this but 1,466 patients were also cured on Wednesday.

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