Mastermind of Reasi Bus Attack Killed in Pakistan! PAK YouTuber's Claim Shakes the Internet
Mastermind of Reasi Bus Attack Killed in Pakistan! PAK YouTuber's Claim Shakes the Internet

Srinagar: The mastermind behind the terrorist attack on a bus carrying devotees in Jammu and Kashmir's Reasi district has been killed in Pakistan. Following this news, Pakistani citizens have reacted, stating that anyone spreading violence should be publicly punished. Reports indicate that an unknown individual killed the terrorist in Pakistan.

Recently, there was an attack on a bus in Reasi district, followed by three more terrorist incidents. These attacks led to calls for revenge in India. Now, news has emerged from Pakistan that the mastermind of the Reasi attack was killed by an unidentified person. Pakistani YouTuber Sohaib Chaudhary discussed this issue with the public. A man named Dilshad mentioned that violence always harms the people, and Pakistan has been involved in wars for a long time, negatively affecting its citizens.


A Pakistani youth suggested that if there has been a terrorist attack in India, the Pakistani government should condemn it, but instead, people in Pakistan celebrate. He stated that anyone who engages in violence, whether in India or Pakistan, should be publicly hanged. He urged the Pakistani government to support this stance. A Pakistani student remarked that globally, Pakistanis are perceived as terrorists, and despite efforts to change this image, people still view them with suspicion.

Additionally, other Pakistanis spoke to Sohaib Chaudhary about the severe poverty in Pakistan. They blamed the government's poor policies for making life difficult, with inflation so high that even affording basic necessities like food has become a struggle. One person noted that conditions in Bangladesh and Afghanistan are now better than in Pakistan, a stark contrast to the past when Pakistanis used to mock Bangladesh.

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