'Babri has been lost, if this happens to another mosque, Muslims will not sit quietly'

Lucknow: The process of the survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi has begun. Meanwhile, Maulana Sahabuddin, the preacher of dargah Alahzarat, the largest centre of Sunni Muslims, has made provocative statements saying that we have lost the Babri Masjid, at that time Muslims were silent in the supreme court's verdict, but now the Muslims will not sit quietly.

On Gyanvapi Mosque, Maulana Sahabudin said that the case of Gyanvapi Mosque in Banaras is getting murkier at this time and it is being pursued by the fundamentalist forces. We lost the Babri Masjid, but if another mosque is attacked, the Muslims will not sit quietly. The preacher Maulana Sahabuddin said that if an attempt is made to build it like the Babri Masjid, then the Muslims of India will not sit quietly and there can be an agitation. On the Taj Mahal, Maulana Sahabuddin said that Shah Jahan had built the Taj Mahal in the love of his Begum Mumtaz, this land was also his.

Maulana Sahabuddin, a preacher of the Dargah Alahazrat, further said that it was wrong to raise the issue of the Taj Mahal, but on that, the high court judge gave a good verdict and dismissed the appeal. These negative thinking people raise an issue every day, who do the work of promoting Hindu-Muslim hatred.

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