MAY I COME IN- Teaser released, some unmatched talents at work!

MAY I COME IN- Teaser released, some unmatched talents at work!

The proclamation of the release of the new song -MAY I COME IN- with some revered personalities entailed has created wonders 21-year-old Rapper and Songwriter, KHURAAFAT, being the lead artist , has marvelously depicted his profound skillset and his assiduously acquired experience.The much anticipated project is sponsored by the Asli Digital Media, a visionary brand.

The song is anticipated to be the solitary of its kind. With some of the best minds at work, the indication is , the song will be par excellence. The music is provided by D-MATERIALZ to the unrivalled standards. Energised to electrify and make people sway, the song has been irrevocably mix & mastered by CRUZE. Also the enthralling video can incarcerate hearts and minds of millions, a consequence of the elegant skills of the two DOPs( Director of Photography), AMIT & DAVID. With the best concoction of talents, the music project is deemed to be thrilling.

Alongside KHURAAFAT, the female leads are LOOANA & KRITIKA, with their stunning performance and charisma , catching the eye. To drag the video up a notch, the edits & VFX are done by EM IT. The release is done under Khuraafat's own label- Artzilla Records which has ginormic fanbase. The song is expected to attain an overwhelming response. The entire team has manifested gratitude to their project head ANUSHREE, her restlessness till date delineating her efforts. ASLI SAIF, the line producer for the project, has been pushing all the limits to drag the standards to set a paradigm. 

The producer, ASLI DAUD, appreciated and cherished all the talents involved to engender the project. He mentioned that the credibility of the succes would be the result of every individual who have put their efforts and hearts in it. Furthermore, Daud is also the founder of Asli Digital Media, along with ASLI SAIF, the co-founder, for the firm sponsoring the entire project.

The teaser for the song is out already!! Check out on YouTube . The due out is 28 March, ready to churn wonders. A thrill to hearts and minds, we wish the song to roll out and rock the expectations!!

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