Mayawati angry over the plight of migrant laborers

May 23 2020 03:23 PM
Mayawati angry over the plight of migrant laborers

Mayawati, the national president of the BSP, is a constant attack on the Congress on the issue of migrant workers and workers. After lashing out at the Rajasthan government for demanding the fare for the return of students from Kota, they have now blamed the Congress for the plight of the migrant workers in the lockdown. Describing the sympathy of the Congress for migrant workers as a nuisance, he has advised the central government to follow the policy of making the migrants self-sufficient rather than following the footprints of the Congress.

On Saturday, BSP Chief Mayawati tweeted that 'Today the Congress is the real culprit of the plight of crores of migrant workers due to the lockdown implemented by Corona infection across the country. Because during their long reign after independence, if the right arrangements for livelihood were made in villages and cities, then why would the workers have to migrate to other states. The video shown by the Congress leader sharing the grief of some workers who were victims of the Lockdown tragedy is less of sympathy, more of a drama. It would have been better if Congress had told how many people it had genuinely helped while meeting them.

For your information, let us tell you that BSP chief and former UP Chief Minister Mayawati further said in her tweet that 'the central state governments of BJP do not follow the footprints of the Congress, these laborers returning home are in their villages and cities If you follow the policy of making proper living and making them self-sufficient, then they will probably never have to face such a predicament further.

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