Funny Video: Pak anchor falls from the chair while reading news
Funny Video: Pak anchor falls from the chair while reading news

The issue of Kashmir between India and Pakistan is hot. On this day, there are talks of differences between the two. Along with this, many funny videos from Pakistan also come out which can make you laugh. By the way, there is a lot of debate going on in the Pakistani news channel these days. Pakistan is busy spreading fake news about Kashmir these days. Pakistan remains a laughing stock all over the world. Now another video has surfaced which will make you laugh.

Many times during the live show, something happens to the anchor which becomes fun on social media. In a similar viral video, there was a debate on Kashmir on a Pakistani news channel. This happened in the midst of this serious discussion on which you too will be forced to laugh. This viral video is of 16 September.

The video shows a panelist, Mazhar Barlas, who is a journalist. Suddenly falls off the chair. The news anchor present there was surprised after this incident. The reaction of the news anchor is also very laughable. You can see, the news anchor is showing the tongue chewing under the teeth. Let me tell you, this is not the first time when video clips of Pakistani news are becoming viral on social media.

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