Meet DJ KJ, one of the most versatile and highly talented artists in India.
Meet DJ KJ, one of the most versatile and highly talented artists in India.

The Indian music scene is an ever-changing landscape and it is of utmost importance that those who are part of the landscape evolve and adapt.

Kavinder Jana is a prime example of those who successfully adapt to change. He is popularly known as KJ and is a highly enthusiastic and energised DJ and Audio Visual Artist. He has been in the music industry for over 17 years.

KJ's musical journey has been interesting, to say the least, when he started off his career as a normal VJ because of his
Love of music, little did he know that this passion would transcend into a highly successful career. After years of dedicated hard work, his talent was recognised not just by the audience but the industry itself.

He has released numerous tracks that have become immediate fan favorites and the DJ recently announced that he will be entering the Indian Music Industry by introducing his debut album containing mashups of famous Bollywood as well as Punjabi numbers.

Talking about his debut album, KJ shares, “This debut album is very special to me. It is a culmination of all my years of hard work and experience complied and I couldn’t have been happier that it’s finally happening. Apart from the debut album, I am also working on individual tracks, the details for which I will reveal when the time is right.”

KJ has gone one step beyond what most people would do. Very quickly, he realised that it’s not just music with sick beats that people want, it’s a deeper musical experience. This realization gave birth to the KJ-Audio Visual Experience.

KJ’s audiovisual experience is a treat to all music lovers out there. KJ ensures that visuals are perfectly in sync with every single beat of the tracks that he plays and the result is an ethereal experience.

KJ’s musical journey has taken him across the globe and he has performed internationally in counties like U.S.A, Canada, UK, Qatar, Hong Kong, and many more counties.

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