Meet Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar, becoming a 'Champion of Change' in the true sense.

He recently won the 'Champions of Change Award' held in Goa for his rigorous efforts towards society, sports and the youth. Isn't it always great to learn about all those individuals who believe in pushing the envelope and doing the different? These individuals show what it really takes to become the best in whatever they choose to do in their lives. Through their work, they wish to create a difference in people's lives and that's what eventually helps them become influential personalities and citizens of our society. Their strong resolve and intention to do something different, positions them always at the forefront of their respective niches. We came across one such highly driven and passionate politician and young talent named Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar, who as a youngster is making it count as a politician in BJP aiming to serve people.

People who work with a solid aim most often also get recognized. Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar has now made more headlines with the 'Champions of Change Award" he won, which were held in Goa on 16th April 2021. Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar is a young talent who hails from Gwalior and lives in Delhi, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Right from the beginning, doing something for the youth was what motivated him the most and hence, he started with his political career. Today, he is the Vice President of the Indian Pencak Silat Federation and also the President of the Association of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. To support people in these sports, he has always gone above and beyond with his efforts, which has earned him more respect.

Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar also deserves the Champions of Change Award for being appointed as the Jt Secretary Youth (International) of Gandhi Mandela Foundation, the United States, for his leadership qualities and his contribution to the cultural and social life of the larger community. The Champions of Change Award held this year at Raj Bhavan, Goa, along with recognizing this youth leader, also awarded and appreciated many other prominent names from different industries. 

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